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What else do our SSA’s do in our community?

Aside from serving as Service and Support Administrators for developmentally disabled citizens, our Portage County SSAs play an important role in our communities in many other ways.  We thought that we would take the time to share some information about ourselves with you.  The SSAs in Portage County are dedicated to not only our work families, but our families at home, our friends and the communities where we live and work. Outside of work, we participate in numerous activities.  These include being a “Hospice” volunteer, “Summit” volunteer, a “Human Rights Campaign” member, “Amnesty International” member, an inner city ministry volunteer for adolescents, an employee of Trumbull County Children’s Services as a “residential therapeutic specialist” with abused/neglected/dependent children, assisting in childcare for adoptive/foster children so their caregivers can obtain training hours, we are parents of children and parents of children with special needs, we are parents supporting our families, we are caregivers of elderly or ill parents, we are grandparents/great grandparents, single parents, sport-going parents, union members, we are athletes, we are parents of athletes, we are involved aunts and uncles, we are volunteers at sport-concession stands, football and soccer parents, church members and church group leaders, business owners, “Cub-Scout” leaders, assistant coaches of youth wrestling, soccer and softball and we are volunteers at youth baseball.  We are philanthropists, a runner, a wife of a disabled Veteran, students working toward additional degrees/masters degrees, “Migrant Center” volunteers, essential oils distributors, members of the “Fraternal Order of Police Associates” of Ohio, on the “FIT Chicks” Board, Chairpersons/secretaries/members of “Ohio Association of Developmental Disabilities Professionals”, on the “Charter Review” Committee, head-room school parents and volunteers, a Varsity Field Hockey coach, Book Club members, previous independent providers, a realtor and much more!

We thought that it would be interesting to come up with a collective total of the number of years of experience that we have in the social work and case management field BEFORE we became Service and Support Administrators at Portage County DD.  After gathering this information from all SSAs, we have a total of 260 years of experience for 19 SSAs!  Now… we gather as a dedicated and experienced team of SSAs to serve our community and our most vulnerable citizens.  We have the desire to continue learning every day and to continue to improve ourselves.  We are committed to our careers and believe in our individuals and families we serve.  We are grateful to be part of the lives of so many beautiful people!

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