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SSA Strike Pictures #1 (October 4th-October 25th)

Our visit from Ohio State Representative Kathleen Clyde.
UAW and USWA Supporters, Union Strong!

UAW and USWA and backed by our community!
Our SSA’s…”Always There” the County Board states on their billboard. But, is our board here for us now? We want to go back to work, negotiate a fair contract!
Nothing like a yoga pose to keep us grounded.
UAW Local #1112 Supporting!
Retired employee, Greg Eppich,and Bruce came to support the SSAs on the line.

Thank you Happy Day School!
Kent State Journalist.

Thank you Linda Fiorentino for coming to support us!

Thank you for your support Beth Drotar!

We are Family! Thank you Cody and Hoyle!
Thank you Keith for your support!
Generations of support!
Thank you Mary Lou for your support!
Thank you Jen for your support!!



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