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Call to Action on Behalf of Striking Portage County SSAs

  • PCEADD Unit B, the OEA local union comprised of 19 Service and Support Administrators for Portage County’s Board of the Developmentally Disabled, has been on strike since October 4.
  • Despite many challenges and the Board’s refusal so far to consider moving off of their September 11 “last, best, and final” offer, Portage SSAs have stayed strong and unified and have refused to cave.
  • Portage SSAs need a large show of unity and support as their bargaining team, mediator, and the Board’s bargaining team reconvene for the first time in over two months.
  • Details are as follow:
When: 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, November 22
Where: In front of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services Independence Office – 6161 Oak Tree Boulevard in Independence, OH
Why: To provide a visual demonstration of union and community
support for striking sisters and brothers and their bargaining team
To pressure the Board to stay until they have reached a fair
resolution with Portage SSAs
Dress warm, bring help, and be prepared to help
Portage SSAs get the settlement they deserve!
Find us on Facebook (facebook.com/PortageSSA) or
 Together We Can Do It!
Union Strong!

Support Our Portage SSAs