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We are concerned and want to help!


What’s In The News??


See Public Reports that were requested!

See the public reports for Attorney Ron Habowski and Huffmaster’s services that were requested for your review.  They have their own page…

Unfair Labor Practice is filed against Portage DD with the State Employment Relations Board on 10/13/17.

The SSAs have filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge with the State Employment Relations Board.

Please sign the “Petition for SSAs to return back to work”

Sign Petition

Secretary of State Kathleen Clyde supporting Portage SSAs

Portage County Community Members On Strike-Kent Wired Article

Portage County Community Members On Strike-Kent Wired

The Puppet Master?

To Advocate for SSAs To have a Fair Contract, Make a Call!!

Board Members:

Ralph Kletzien 330-673-3415

Michelle Sahr 330-688-5502

John Gargan, Jr. 330-673-1939

Cheri Michael 330-325-9385

Timothy Moran 330-678-6483

Kelly Butler 234-380-1873

Carol J. Fruscella 330-626-4043

Probate Judge Bob Berger: 330-297-3870

Portage County Commissioners:

Vicki Kline (president) 330-297-3606

Sabrina Christian-Bennett (vice-president) 330-297-3605

Maureen Frederick (member) 330-297-3604





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